Albera Llar

It has been more than 25 years since Albera furniture started being part of a lot of nursery schools and of first years of primary education centres.

Ergokids Albera Calaix Mòbil

Our furniture has changed and improved thanks to advice and recommendation from teachers and pedagogues who daily live with children and constantly observe how kids interact with their physical surrounding.

With the Albera Llar collection we applied some of this furniture used at schools to our dining-rooms at home.


Ergokids Albera Tres Calaixos

Albera Llar is based on resistant and long-lasting furniture with high performance. Albera Llar collection is manufactured with solid pine tree wood and birch platen. Then it is varnished with ecologic varnish. Out of this process we obtain a natural wood finish, resistant and with a neutral aspect.

After using this furniture in public spaces made us carry out some tests both on the materials and on the furniture assembly. We obtained Tecnalia and Aiju quality certifications.