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Unique to the Bednest, the SafeBridge side panel lowers onto your mattress to ensure there is no dangerous gap between the crib and your bed, meaning you can be confident when bringing your baby into your bed for feeding, care and comfort. The Bednest stand can be easily adjusted to 70 height settings for an exact match to your bed – that’s up to ten times more setting options than any other crib and means there’s no step from the crib mattress to yours. The independent sliders also mean the stand can be adjusted to an angle, which some mums say helps with the symptoms of reflux. The Bednest side panel can be configured in 4 ways. This includes a half-fold mode which, when closed, protects your little one from rolling into your bed whilst maintaining visability and easy access. The Bednest is the only bedside crib with a second opening side panel to make access to your baby easy even when one side is attached to your bed. This is helpful after any birth – particularly a C-section birth – as there is no need to lift your baby over a closed side. Unlike any other crib the Bednest has been carefully engineered to be built in under one minute. It also folds flat in seconds for travel, making it so easy to keep a familiar environment for your baby wherever you go. The crib can be lifted from the stand to use around the home as a bassinet/Moses basket and with both side panels closed and locked the Bednest can be used as a freestanding crib when you’re ready to move your baby into the nursery. The Bednest can be used until, at around 6 months, your baby can sit, kneel or pull themself up (max weight 10kgs).  
IMPORTANT: If your baby is unsupervised the side panels should be fully up and secured. When tilted, the head end should not be more than 5cm greater than the foot height. 

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84.5×44.5×90 cm