Pauli (Còpia)

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PAULI is capable of a lot: children can either make use of it as a storage space for books and other treasures or it can serve as a seat for children as well as for adults – just as the whim takes him. Two elements, shoulder to shoulder stacked one upon the other, create a shelf in rectangular shape. The seating surfaces and the slanted backrests merge into a beautiful segmentation. Two Paulis stacked one upon the other got a height of 70cm. This is exactly the standard height of dining tables and work desks. If you put a tabletop over 2×2 Paulis you obtain a handy table in a moment.

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Fusta massissa d’avet. Folre de llana Loden 100% (resistent i fàcil de netejar)


Taronja, Gris clar, Gris fosc



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