Of to the summer, to the kids that propose him?..

19/05/2016 | Blog

vacances-estiu-nensHow every year, they arrive the feared holidays of summer. Those holidays that in addition to a family involves goes in a game of balances between the labour world, the kids and the school holidays.

Therefore we have wanted you approach those Casals and Colonies that believe more interesting and different: technological, of languages, urbans, …

Alehop Exploradores Urbanos

A different cultural activity, in which the kids will devote to know better his city through the RutesCreatives. Can assist for weeks.


An activity with two possibilities, 100% English or just a little beat. With diversity of activities that will propose to your kids in some known surroundings, yours house.


Each week will treat subjects of robotic, programming web and of video games, new technologies (virtual reality, increased, drones …), documents and edition of photography. Partly of the class  in English all the concepts learnt.

And, as a good work done has to recognise , leave you the link to Mamaproof Barcelona and to Barcelona Colours to two articles on Casals and Colonies for this summer 2016. Two guides with proposals very interesting and organised well organised because you can find these more interests you.

Now only it remains that you can find any activity that it was interesting for you and for the kids.

Go!, to do them enjoy the summer!



Workshops since June until September. His workshops vacacionals are a combination of games of imagination and technological innovation. From 4 years. They Will be able to choose between the 9 different thematic that propose them to him.