Encaix is the first exclusive collection by Ergokids and it is the result of a long reflection about the needs in the furniture for children at homes.


It is designed by the architect Gerard Martínez (www.claudevolta.com) and there is a multidisciplinary team involved as well.

Encaix allows us to create numerous combinations using five basic units until we find the one that suits us best. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, so we can transform it whenever our children grow up and we need to adapt it to their needs.

Ergokids Encaix Creu

With its rounded edges, curved shapes, holes where to get their head through and elements with multiple positions Encaix is an amazing and adaptable collection suitable for any place in your home.


This collection has been manufactured using birch tree and pine tree wood always taking into consideration our criteria in nearby consumption and eco-design. Furniture will be at home for long thanks to its quality and strength, which will contribute to sustainability.


Ergokids_Encaix_Elefant (2)

We often wished to live in bigger places than what we do and that is why this collection wants to set free the natural space for children to play, the floor. Instead, it sets lifted cupboards or shelves, so we can leave the ground free to play.